Power Transform Manufacturing Plant

Production area: 14,000 m2 / Total employee: 238 engineering and technical staff, located in Gharachukhur District in Baku.


ATEF produces oil-insulated transformers with a voltage class of up to 525 kV and 500 MVA. We use our own design and construction concept, which allows us to speed up the design process with a short production time. Our transformers are tested and certified by KEMA and CESI laboratories. 


At the Power Transformers plant special attention is paid to the technology of manufacturing magnetic cores. Automatic lines for longitudinal and transverse cutting of electrical steel with a thickness of 0.18mm, incl. at an oblique angle on the assembly technology "Step-Lap", the company SAGMA, GEORG. Assembly tables with hydraulic adjustment, also special bandage machines ensure the manufacture of magnetic cores with minimal electrical losses and reduced noise.

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