The Founder

ATEF Group of Companies has a glorious history of production and installation of electrical equipment to support the power industry.


Since the establishment of our first transformer plant in Baku, Azerbaijan more than 57 years ago - before the reconstruction of the company after the collapse of the Soviet Union, quality and reliability have held a primary place in our business model.


In an effort to meet the highest standards of the energy industry, ATEF Group of Companies has invested in research and development of new technologies, as well as establishment of nine state of the art plants. Our rapid growth over the years is a testament to our grasp over the changing global energy market, our commitment to innovation, and an emphasis on building strong relationships with our respected customers and suppliers.

Maintaining high quality standard and ensuring reliability of products for our customers is our primary focus, from constantly improving technological production processes along with conducting rigorous staff which we achieved trainings. We invite you to join hundreds of companies around the world who have already chosen ATEF to serve them and look forward to the opportunity to serve you.




With respect,

Alikhanbeyov T. H.