ATEF has large capacity to perform wide range of testing on manufactured products at every stage of production. Our high-tech test laboratories and highly qualified staff make it possible to fulfil the International Standards requirement such as IEC, GOST, ANSI for testing of Electrical, Mechanical and Chemical materials and products. 

Every step of tests can be individually agreed upon and designed with the customers including trial preparation of the test method and preparation of test samples. 

ATEF high voltage test laboratories have capacity to perform all electrical tests such as Type, Routine and Special tests specified by IEC, ANSI and GOST standards. 

Specially developed devices for oil treatment, drying, and impregnation plus other versatile process materials make it possible to consider quality criteria such as purity, cleanliness, or dryness of the insulation materials. 

Our test systems enable us to perform AC test voltage up to 525 kV level and our surge generators up to 2500 KV level give possibility to perform Lightning and Switching impulse tests on electrical equipment such as Transformers, Insulators, Switchgears and Disconnectors. 

ATEF mobile testing laboratory is specially designed and equipped to perform all electrical tests on site applications for commissioning and also for diagnosis purposes.