Quality & Testing

Product quality is strictly controlled to ensure that the final product meets the required international standards, such as IEC, EN, GOST, etc.

Our experienced and professionally trained technical team is looking for the latest advances in the field of energy and automation technology, which allows us to focus on developing modern solutions to meet the needs of the global energy market. The materials and components that we use in our products are supplied exclusively by respected manufacturers with an excellent reputation for efficiency and reliability, including Siemens, ABB, Schneider, Secheron, Microelecttrica Scientific, AK Steel, Rochling, and Weidmann, etc.
Strict quality control is maintained at every stage of production, and our electrical equipment meets the certification standards established by IEC, EN and GOST.
As a result, ATEF guarantees the functionality of its products for many years - even in harsh climatic conditions.

ATEF Group Testing Lab is able to perform all types of electrical tests on power transformers, except for short-circuit resistance tests. Our testing laboratory meets the requirements of IEC, GOST and other international standards. The test laboratory is completely shielded by a Faraday cage for performing susceptibility tests, such as high-voltage noise interference, partial discharges, and noise tests. The testing center also includes a laboratory for chemical and physical analysis of the materials used.

Chemical and physical analyses of transformer oil and materials are also carried out in the chemical laboratories of the ATEF Group. Our laboratories are equipped with high-tech test equipment with automatic control, which allows us to obtain the most accurate test results. All test results of the protocols are documented according to ISO requirements and presented to the customer.


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