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Settlement Garachuhur, Baku
14000 m2
300 employees
The State-of-the-art production facility for manufacturing of  high quality power transformers with a capacity of up to 800 MVA and with a voltage level of up to 525 kV.

The plant is equipped with the world class modern equipment and production lines from the leading global companies such as SAGMA, GEORG and HEDRIC. The production buildings are equipped with DEMAG overhead cranes with a load capacity of up to 300 tons, as well as air-cushion support that can move components weighing up to 500 tons.

In addition to the automatic lines for the main production, the plant has also equipment for pre-drying and crimping windings and individual transformer components in automatic mode which increases the electrical resistance of the insulation. Powerful vacuum furnaces for drying active parts of transformers in solvent vapors which help significantly reduce the drying time and improve the quality of products.

In addition to large-size power transformers, the plant has also mastered the production of current and voltage measuring transformers from 110 kV to 220 kV. A modern test laboratory built by the German company HIGH VOLT allows to carry out all necessary tests with high accuracy which, in the end, guarantees that all parameters of the products meet the standards.

Settlement Amirjan, Baku
35000 m2
345 employees
ATEF Elektromash Plant has a historical significance and rich production traditions for the ATEF company. It began to function as Baku Dry Transformer Plant which was founded in 1961.

After privatization in 1992, the company restored production, and after modernization in 2003 the plant received its current name, ATEF.

ATEF Elektromash Plant specializes in the production of oil immersed and cast-resin dry-type distribution transformers, CTS (complete transformer substations), as well as metal supports for power lines and railway, etc. The plant operates a number of important units and sites for the localization of components of the final products which serve to support the domestic energy industry and the export of products. The plant also has a testing laboratory where transformers are tested in accordance with the international standards.

Such units as a textolite shop, a rubber shop, a plating shop, a paint shop, an optional equipment shop, a packaging shop and others allow to shorten the time and reduce the cost of transportation of components for main production.

Settlement Garachuhur, Baku
34000 m2
550 employees
ATEF Transformer Plant was built with the help of the company funds and put into operation in 2007. The enterprise is a kind of an integrated production platform and specializes in the production of components for complex products such as power and distribution transformers.

Product range:

- Modular distribution device (MDD) up to 0.4 kV; 10 (6) kV; 35 kV
- AC distribution devices for the railway electrification up to 27.5 kV
- DC switchgears up to 825 V for the Metropolitan and up to 3300 V for railways
- Rectifier units
- Reactive power compensators 
- Neutral grounding resistors
- Protection and control panels
- SCADA-systems
- Downhole pumps control stations
- Surge arresters
- Measuring transformers
- Polymer and epoxy insulators
- Winding wires and tyres
- Corrugated tank of oil-Immersed transformers
- Panel-type radiators for power transformer
- Medium complexity metalware
- Contact wires and suspension cables for railways 
- Metal supports for power lines
- Modular buildings, ect.

Settlement Garachuhur, Baku
3200 m2
145 employees
The official opening of High Voltage Equipment Fabrication Plant, one of the most modern of the ATEF enterprises, took place in 2018.

High Voltage Equipment Fabrication Plant offers a wide range of switching equipment for various industries, including railways, subways and power industry:

- Distributing devices of withdrawable type with vacuum switch, stationary and cassette-type switchgear with voltage up to 35 kV, switching current up to 3200 A and both internal and external versions.
- Gas-insulated (SF6) switches of up to 220 kV with switching current up to 2500 A 
- Horizontal center break disconnectors of up to 220 kV with switching current of up to 2500 A and with both hand-driven and manual dischargeable earthing switch. Supporting insulators of porcelain or a composite depending on the customer requirement.
- Rotary disconnectors with a mechanical interlock
- Earthings, e.g. for neutral grounding of power transformers
- Short circuit for AC and DC
- Control boxes for disconnectors and dischargeable earthing switches

All manufactured products undergo mechanical and electrical tests for being complied with international standards before shipment.

Settlement Hovsan, Baku
20000 m2
220 employees
Metal Construction Fabrication Plant, which started operating in 2011, was built with help of the ATEF Group funds. 

The plant is equipped with the most modern equipment and lines that allow to perform a wide range of technological operations for metal processing including plasma cutting of flat and 3D parts, wafering, chiselling, drilling, marking, punching holes and cradles, semi-automatic welding in a protective gas environment.

All metal parts are manufactured using close control modern equipment:

- Shotblasting installation for continuous sheet cleaning 
- Heat cutter with 5 burners (cutting up to 100 mm)
- Automatic welding lines of I-joists, channels and l-bars
- Line for roll-formed channels and z-profiles
- Line for grid poles of power lines
- Profile cutting equipment for pipes up to 650 mm
- Laser cutting
- Plasma cuing 
- Guillotine shears
- Coordinate cutting machine
- Bending machines
- Sandblasting and coater rooms, ect.

The plant is particularly proud of its HD galvanizing for metal structures which allows producing a wide range of galvanized products up to 14 m long.

Settlement Garachuhur, Baku
1800 m2
30 employees
One of the most important enterprises of ATEF Group of Companies is Casting Products Plant. Aluminium, copper and steel castings are made here. The activities of the enterprise comply with all environmental regulations.

There is a wide range of manufactured parts from steel, aluminium, copper, bronze, brass, other metals and alloys. All the parts for the railway contact network, linear fittings of power transmission lines, elements of rigid busbars and open switchgears are manufactured by casting or hot forming.

The plant applies the technology of mold, sand casting as well as casting under low and high pressure. The company has installed ITALPRESS and ALU-03, TERMOLIT melting furnaces.

In parallel with the traditional casting techniques, we have also mastered evaporative-pattern casting (EPC) which allows the company:

- Reduce the cost of subsequent mechanical treatment
- Ensure stable quality of casting
- Quickly produce parts with complex configurations
- Ensure compact production and reduce emissions of toxic gases

At the present time, in developed countries, 30% of all casting is done by this method. EPC is almost waste-free and does not require a large number of related materials in the form of various resins. 

The plant also produces rectangular and tubular copper and aluminium busbars, i.e. insulated. According to the requirement of the customer, it is possible to manufacture busbars of various configurations.

Settlement Garachuhur, Baku
3200 m2
64 employees
Cable Manufacturing Plant was put into operation in 2016. ATEF Group of Companies, being a major manufacturer of power and distribution transformers, tries to localize the production of all components of the main products at its enterprises. The plant produces all types of aluminum and copper winding wires, power and control cables for indoor and outdoor installations, as well as underground cables with a voltage class up to 36 kV.

Winding wires are made with paper (PB and APB) or enamel insulation (PETV or PET 155) also with NOMEX, Polyimide-Fluoroplastic (PPIU) and Fiberglass lacquer (PSD, APSD, PSDTL or APSDTL) insulation. According to the requirement of the customer, special insulating material for cables can be used.

The plant has mastered the production of transposed wires (СТС) for control-power winding which repeatedly increase their reliability.

ATEF cable products correspond to GOST and have all necessary certificates for the electrical equipment and fire safety.

The enterprise constantly introduces the latest technologies, renovates and modernizes the equipment, increases the competitiveness of the production by improving the quality and reducing the cost of production.


Settlement Garachuhur, Baku
1800 m2
40 employees
The quantity and assortment, as well as the complexity of the products makes it necessary for ATEF Group of Companies to have the technology and equipment for precise machining.

For this purpose, the precision mechanical processing plant was put into operation in 2018. The plant has the latest equipment including machining centers, EDM machines from MAZAK and MITSUBISHI, as well as many modern metalworking machines allowing to make the most complex molds for casting and stamping and to fulfil an order of any level within the shortest possible period of time.

Range of products:

- Pinion, step-shaped, spline shaft
- Infinite, cylindrical, conical screws
- Tool products and parts 
- Gearwheels 
- Moulded form and heater plates
- Stamps and body caps

Constant quality control at all stages of production allows to produce products that meet international standards.

Settlement Garachuhur, Baku
3600 m2
120 employees
To ensure timely and high-quality configuration of transformer plants of ATEF Group of Companies, the specialized Insulation & Component Plant was built and put into operation in 2018. 

The enterprise manufactures hard insulating parts made of electric cardboard and wood-laminated plastic based on thickened beech veneer (TBV), produces uniforms for company employees, cabinet and soft furniture, the products such as PVC doors and windows for various projects.

The plant produces all types of insulation parts for power and distribution transformers. For this purpose, the plant has installed high pressure presses and modern drying and processing lines. Special multi-axis programmed machines quickly and accurately cut the most complex configurations of insulation parts, as well as forming and pressing machines are able to produce cylinders and rings of any diameter.

As it is known, the reliability and durability of power dry-type distribution transformers and reactors depends significantly on the perfection of the insulation system in the active part, particularly on the correctness of the design of the parts and the quality of the insulating materials. In the design of power high-voltage transformers, the hard insulation is about 7-8% of the transformer total mass. 

This includes the following:

- Winding cylinders
- Pressing rings
- Capacitive rings
- Remote seal gaskets
- Stairs for the magnetic circuit paces
- High voltage hoses and drains
- Straight and reverse angle washers 
- Insulation threaded studs and screws
- Crepe paper tubes, ect.

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