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The switchgears manufactured by ATEF Group is distinguished by reliability and safety, versatility, cost-effective and modern design at an optimal ratio of price and quality. Switchgears are made in modern design with optimum price and quality ratio.

Switchgear cells are equipped with vacuum or gas-insulated (SF6) switches and modern digital protection relay.

There were developed the four main versions of the modules that differ in the design of switching nodes (switches and disconnectors):

·       Fixed distribution switchgear with vacuum switch
·       Fixed distribution switchgear with SF6 circuit breaker
·       Distributing devices of withdrawable type with vacuum switch
·       Cassee-type switchgear with vacuum switch

The switchgears developed by ATEF GROUP can be used both in general industrial substations and traction substations of electrified railways and subways.  For these purposes, switchgear cells with DC switches of up to 825 V DC, 3.3 kV DC, and 27.5 kV AC are developed. 

Low voltage switchgears 

The main advantages of low voltage switchgears (LVS) manufactured by the ATEF GROUP are:

·        The possibility of increasing the power of electrical installations (by adding or changing the configuration of existing switchgears which is provided by the standardized mechanical and electrical connections)
·        Flexibility of design solutions
·        Modern design, high quality
·        Copper bus multi-wire system
·        Solutions for quick connection systems
·        One-way or two-way service

The flexibility of product layout allows to maximize the needs and desires of the customer, to provide long-term, promising and reliable solutions for a wide range of consumers and to meet high standards.

The body of each cabinet of all versions consists of a prefabricated frame structure of removable side, rear panels and doors with convenient locks and handles. 

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